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Volunteer Information

Are you interested in gardening inside the prison? We go every Sunday from 7am-1pm and Fridays from 5:30-9pm. If you would like to volunteer you time by working in the garden please fill out the new volunteer form.

If you are visiting the garden through a class at the Claremont Colleges please fill out: Required Volunteer Information (for students visiting through a class)

Things to keep in mind if you plan on joining us at the prison:

  • You must pass a background check. The process normally takes about 3 weeks and requires your SSN.
  • You must attend a mandatory ‘training session’ hosted by the California Department of Corrections. Dates to be announced.
  • There is a mandatory dress code at the prison. You will not be able to enter CIW if you are not dressed appropriately.

In order for us to continue to help our community, we rely on the commitment and dedication of our volunteers. Following is a list of volunteer opportunities that we currently offer in addition to weekly gardening sessions:

  • Volunteers to hold weekly workshops at the prison during the winter months. Previous workshops have focused on the importance of genetic diversity; genetically modified organisms; global warming; and the histories of various fruits and vegetables. To lead a workshop, you will need to pass a background check, but do not need to attend a training workshop.
  • Grant writers. A key position that looks good on a resume, and helps us to reach  our long-term goals for the garden.
  • Volunteers to solicit donations from the local community. In order for our program to grow and be successful, we need a variety of gardening tools, pots, seeds, plants, seedlings, and other supplies. You can help us by giving an hour or two of your week to write or call local businesses and get them excited about our project.
  • Cultivating Dreams is part of the Claremont 5 College Criminal Justice Network, and we hold weekly student group meetings that anyone is allowed to attend. It is a great way to keep track of our current projects.
  • You can also join our facebook group

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