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Dress Code

The prison enforces a dress code inside the institution so that even at a distance, visitors cannot be mistaken for guards or those inside. Due to archaic laws that were instated inside mens prisons a couple decades ago, visitors clothing cannot be revealing or sexually suggestive, hence guideline #1.


  • look like an androgynous lump
  • NO jeans, especially blue jeans.
  • Nothing tight (NO leggings! NO tight yoga pants!)
  • no shirts that show your lower back when you bend over
  • Knees and shoulders must be covered
  • Closed toed shoes (YES)
  • No plain white T’s with no patterns/logos
  • No grey sweats
  • No tan, army green or camo pants.

Good colors: Black, brown, red, pink, yellow, purple. Clothing with patterns or big logos is good. Mixed color shirts are good.
Avoid these colors: Blue, white, and orange.

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