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Our Mission

Cultivating Dreams is a student-run nonprofit organization that oversees an organic garden inside the California Institution for Women (CIW), a prison in Corona, CA. The garden is maintained through the collective effort of the women inside and volunteers from the Claremont College community. The fruits and vegetables grown in the garden are sent in the prison’s main kitchen or intensive care unit.

Cultivating Dreams connects communities by uniting women with different life exp

eriences and breaking down social boundaries. The garden creates a therapeutic and restorative space within the prison and provides the women inside with access to healthy food. We aim to offer an education in gardening, nutrition, and environmentalism through year round conversation as well as bi-weekly winter educational workshops and lectures. Cultivating Dreams could not function without the support of the prison staff and warden of CIW.

Cultivating Dreams is a student run non-profit organization at the Claremont Colleges. Cultivating Dreams is also a program of the Center for Restorative Justice Works an organization focused on uniting children, families and communities separated by crime and the criminal justice system.

Plans for the future include expanding our heirloom vegetable garden so that we may impact the diets of even more women inside. Educational workshops and skill building seminars are also underway and we hope to make them a cornerstone of our program in the future.

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What follows is a short video clip of the organic garden inside the California Institution for Women from it’s birth to the first summer harvest.

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